Security Officers Management & Analysis Project

The Security Officers Management and Analysis Project (

Security Management can be a pain in the neck. Security can be very difficult to ascertain and to be oversightened. As a Security Officer one either has to permanently fight for budget or it is already difficult to get some general situation analysis on the first hand.

The project is all about these problems. We want to make common known information freely available and help the Security Officers to get tools at their hands so they can do what they are paid for: Analyze their corporations situation and work out methods and roadmaps on how to secure their assets.

Because we think that Open Source is the right way to achieve our goals, we release everything we do under an Open Source licence. Like that everything we do can be of benefit to you. And every idea and support we get from you is guaranteed to stay Open and available for others to benefit as well.

Why to use the SOMAP?

Among the main reasons why a Security Officer possibly wants to use either the Repository, the Security Officers Best Friend (SOBF) Management Tool or any other product from the SOMAP project could be these:

Community: Everybody interested can become a part of. And all the contributions made to the project are made freely available so others can benefit as well.

Independence: SOMAP is not on the payroll of anybody and therefore we can do what is best. Our Repository contains no commercials but the straight facts and information needed.

Best of Breed: Since we are independent we - in every situation - use whats best for the project. Like that our SOBF Management Tool is based on Java, which is a widely accepted industry standard.

Trust: We have nothing to hide (and because we trust in Open Source, we would have no chance to do so anyway). Our data and the source to our projects are freely available and can be scanned before they are used. This proceeding guarantees that potential problems within our design or source can be detected and everybody can adress them.

Competence: Since the project is community based, our results get peer reviewed. Potential problems can be adressed and solved in a discussion. And best of all, everybody is welcome to help out and help the project to improve its standard.