Security Officers Management & Analysis Project


On this page we will list all the articles others or we have written about the project or one of our sub projects.

Toolsmith column in the ISSA Journal

Russ McRee has written an article for his toolsmith column which is featured in the ISSA Journal. The article is about the project and describes the SOBF Tool, the ORIMOR and our other projects.

Kosten & Nutzen von IT-Sicherheit

We have written an article (in German only) about Open-Source-Sicherheitsmanagement Kosten- und Nutzenfaktoren bei Verwendung von Open Source im Bereich des Information Security Risk Management am Beispiel von (Open source security management and the costs/benefits of the usage of open source in the field of information security risk management considering as example the

Unfortunately there is no version readable online. If you are interested to read the article, we still have a few magazines left. Please drop us a note for a copy.

Risk Management Overview

Paul Gillingwater of the CSO Lanifex GmbH did a presentation about Risk Management techniques and tools. The presentation was held at a Security Forum in Austria. Paul mentions, the SOBF tool, the Guide and the Handbook.

Introduction to (Spanish)

Leonardo F. Rosso did a presentation about which he presented at the WhyFLOSS conference in 2007.

CRYPTEX - Seguridad de la Informacion

Cryptex is a blog dedicated to the stury of Information Security, ISO 27001, computer security audits. It has a reference to our project.

Secureworld Expo

There is a reference to in an article over at the Secureworld Expo News website. The article is about "Open Standards and Information Risk" and mentions, the SOBF Tool and the ORIMOR.

The Security Catalyst

The Security Catalyst has a blog entry about the project.

Notice Bored

The Notice Bored Blog has an entry about the Handbook and the project in general.

The Shivling

The Chakraborty Information Security Blog has an entry about the project.

IT Capability

This website mentions our Open Information Security Risk Management Handbook.

Mandalorian Blog

This blog has a short entry about

Security Samizdat

Security Samizdat has a list of Open Source Information Security Management Tools and Documents. The list features our Handbook and our Guide.

Marko Eskola's Blog

Marko Eskola has some nice words about the SOBF Tool on his blog. Unfortunately it is written in Finnish. It says that the SOBF Tool looks professional and that there were some problems with running the SOBF Tool on Java but that this is a problem of Ubuntu (which he solved). Please tell us if we got something wrong there.