Security Officers Management & Analysis Project


Security Officers Management and Analysis Project ( is a non-profit organisation according to swiss law. consists of a core team which is steering the organisation. Besides the core team there are many contributors to's projects.

Goals focuses on the Security Officers and on helping them in doing their daily business as comfortable as possible.

The main goals of are to develop and maintain:

- Guides and Handbooks explaining and describing Risk Management.

- an open and free 'best practice' Risk Model Repository with security objectives, threats and other risk related meta-data.

- an open source Security Management Tool which is making use of the meta-data from the projects own risk repository.

- Report Templates which can be used during a risk assessment process.

Main Contributors's active team consists of these fine contributors (in no specific order):

Adrian Wiesmann. Adrian was employed as Software Architect, Security Consultant and Security Officer over many years for various companies in different industry sectors. He is a member of the IEEE.

Felix Martin. Felix has studied physics and was employed as Software Architect implementing data processing algorithms. He is now working as a consultant and is responsible for data analysis/processing.

Jesper Rask. Jesper is a student of Political Science from Denmark. He has worked for a global Security company for several years and has held different management positions. He has written several IT Security papers.

Mike Gillespie. Mike is the Principal Consultant at Advent Information Management Ltd. He is a certified BS7799 Lead Auditor, an experienced Risk Practitioner and has extensive experience in delivering best practice information security management services to FTSE 100 and Government organisations.


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